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Joan Emanuelli Sanchez is a passionate artist who discovered in Art a beautiful way to cope with the emotional wounds from his years as a serviceman in the US Army.

It all began when his wife and soul mate, Carmen, suggested he try painting since she knew he used to draw when he was younger. He followed her advice and painted a simple fruit basket to surprise her and also in honor of her newborn granddaughter, Julie. That day, they both knew Art would be a part of their life forever.


By recommendation of a friend of his wife, he enrolled himself at Crealdé School of Art, where he met P&D Director, Barbara Tiffany, who is an amazing and very talented Artist. From that point on his skills and Artwork improved dramatically. The student found the teacher, the mentor, and a friend.

His spirit and dedication have taken him on a beautiful journey in which he is totally submerged.

Running Out of Time.jpg

"Running Out of Time"

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